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1/2 Price Milk Duds!!

Milk Duds, quite possibly the most delicious snack any human mouth has ever tasted. So, why exactly did Hershey decide to name the snack 'Milk Duds' when they bought the company back in the 1920's? The initial goal when creating 'Milk Duds' was to create a delicious candy, which they in fact did, however, Hershey wanted to make the candy perfectly round - a task that they found was actually impossible. It wasn't that the task was just too hard, or the company was limited by the technology they had - it's actually impossible to get the ingredients for Milk Duds to form a sphere permanently. Since the chocolate snack couldn't form the sphere shape that the company wanted, they were just labelled 'Milk Duds' - a constant reminder of what a failure they were.

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Fast & Furious 7 Advance Tickets

Advance Tickets are available NOW for the long anticipated opening of Paul Walker's final film "Fast & Furious 7". Tickets are available for purchase online or in the theatre. Opening day is Friday, April 3 but you can get your tickets to pre-screen it with us on April 2, at 8:30!!